Feeling alone

The feeling of being alone is the most frightening experience we can have.  For most of us, every moment of every day there are people around us.  Sometimes these people are within our personal space, sometimes they are beyond the walls of our homes, but there are always people around.  Yet even the the realization […]

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You are a light

You are a light of the Universe if you see the world, the Universe, the Cosmos as the creation of The One.  It doesn’t matter what name you use to refer to The One, in the end names do not matter.  You are a light of the world if you see all creation as sacred

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Seeing the future

Would you like to know what the future holds for you?  Just once wouldn’t you like to know if you should take this action as opposed to that action and know, simply know how things would turn out?   The future is in flux If you have experienced an astrological reading and the astrologer is

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Just visiting!

Here is a challenge for you; try viewing our beautiful planet as though you were just visiting from a far distant planetary system.  Step aside from your everyday view of your surroundings and put yourself in the place of someone visiting from another planet.  Would you view the sunset you see every day differently?  Would

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The value of positive thinking

Does positive thinking have any value?  Is it simply another way to say “wishful thinking”?  You know, I totally get that question.  By itself, positive thinking is not very successful.  One must also include positive action to be successful. Making it work. If you buy a lottery ticket and surround that ticket with positive thoughts

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My money

All of us worry to some degree about money.  Would you like to be financially independent? mWhen someone tells me they don’t worry, frankly, I have to wonder why they are telling me they don’t worry!  So much of our lives is devoted to earning a living.  This is not news to you, of course,

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The change in our lives

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said “There is nothing more constant than change.”  As with so many of these precious old sayings, this message resounds though our lives on so many levels.  What we think about change, what we believe about it, is what we receive. A source of sadness. Letting go of things we know

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Just in time

No matter what you seek, it can only appear just in time.  It cannot be rushed, it cannot be forced or short-circuited.   The frustration of manifestation. Whether you pray, wish, treat or visualize a dream, goal or experience, very often it seems the answer has been no.  Many of us think prayers (in whatever

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Change your life?

In what ways do you dream of making a change in your life?  Is this year of 2018 going to be another year of the same-old-same-old?  When 2018 comes to its conclusion will you find yourself with the same unfulfilled dreams?  Will another list of resolutions end up on the trash pile?  Or, is this

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Setting your goals

What are your goals for 2018?  Have you set your goals on becoming a better leader?  Will you become a more effective supporter?  Will you organize gatherings that will impact the world?  Is your goal to be a more active member of the chorus?  Every role has an important impact on our world.  What good

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