Popular Speaking Topics

For many years now I have been conducting Seminars, Conferences, Life Coaching Skills and Team Building that are centered around finding your way in this sometimes confusing world. Many of my talks are centered around my books, Think Believe Receive, It’s All About Me and Bear and Butterfly, but I also offer what I refer to as “In-Powerment” talks too.

Unleashing the innate power each of us has to create and enjoy the life we envision is not rocket science. All it truly requires is your dedication to live the life you were created to live. All too often the life we are living is based upon what someone else thinks we should be doing. We have allowed ourselves to be constrained by fear, doubt and a lack of confidence. Through my seminars you will find the “start button” that will give you the tools and confidence to be the you you want to be.

I am also available as a guest speaker, keynote or breakout speaker for your conference.

Some of the topics:

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