The root of suffering

According to Buddha the root of all suffering is attachment.  Many people have the mistaken impression that attachment is limited to being attached to our material things, but it is more wide ranging. What is suffering? Suffering is that mental anguish which accompanies the drama of life.  Drama is the after effect of trying to […]

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Lifetime learning

Make no mistake about it, everything we do in this lifetime is about learning.  We learn to walk, talk, socialize, make a living and countless lessons in-between. The choice of learning Without getting into the esoteric considerations of life, we are always at choice as to what we  learn.  How many times have you learned

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On being humble

How best to approach a blog on being humble?  We might begin with the standard dictionary definition: A) not proud or haughty.  B) Reflecting, expressing or offered in a spirit of diffidence or submission.  To my thinking neither of these definitions reflect the broader and true meaning. To be Humble For me the true definition

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Zero sum thinking

In a recent blog I wrote about Zero Sum thinking.  Briefly stated zero sum thinking is that if you win, I must lose. Think, Believe, Receive My first published book was called Think, Believe, Receive.  Since the time I wrote it I have updated the book and added a new title; Think, Believe, Receive 2.0.

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Anyone who has written a blog knows what keywords are.  They are the words that help search engines to find our material.  If someone is searching for information about, say, vegetables pretty much anything that is written that contains the word vegetables is searchable.  What you may not have noticed is that we as humans

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Covid Hangover

Now that so many of us are being vaccinated one issue remains to be faced; the Covid Hangover. The Covid Hangover in action I remember when the shut-down began, just as you do.  I was in Japan with my beautiful bride Terrie who was just beginning her Spring Tour as Lady Ashtar.  The U S

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The Age of Wind

  The age of wind begins today, depending upon what part of the world you find yourself.  Honestly, this is the first time I have heard of this age, but I am told it is akin to the Age of Aquarius.  From what I have heard as the great conjunction takes place in the skies

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Heading to the playoffs

Football fans are hitting a fever pitch as their teams either head for the playoffs, or the locker rooms. Those of us who are not regular followers of American Football sometimes wonder what the big deal is. But if you step back and truly look at why sporting events are such a powerful draw for

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Keeping your promise

Keeping your promise to yourself is what making a New Years Resolution is all about. We promise to lose weight, take up exercise, quit a bad habit, that kind of stuff. If this is not a promise to ourselves, then to whom is it a promise? To make it work To be successful at a

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The binary life

The binary life has two choices; something is good, or something is bad. This is such a limiting way to live. Consider, if you will, a rose. A hybrid rose has had all the “imperfections” bred out of it. Each is an exact duplicate of the next and they are indeed beautiful. Now, look in

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