Books by Brian K. Graham

As an Author, Brian K. Graham specializes in books intended to lift your spirits and find new heights within yourself.

Beginning with his first book; Think, Believe, Receive he set out three very easy to follow thoughts that impact how you choose to live each day. Now updated and revised, Think Believe Receive 2.0 is even easier to read. Learn how your thoughts define who you are. Next, look into what your beliefs are. Are they really your beliefs or did you inherent them from someone else? Finally, we must be open to accepting the gifts the Universe delivers to us. Sometimes we get the gift we asked to receive but fail to recognize its arrival. Think Believe Receive 2.0. Available at Amazon Books or follow the link in our store.

It’s All About Me! This book is not a celebration of narcissism, rather a close look at how you respond to life as it unfolds around you. Though a series of first-hand experiences and stories of everyday people we learn that we have a choice; Do we respond to a situation or do we react to a situation? If we learn to respond we live our lives in a more powerful way than if we react. Responding means we make our decisions based upon what his happening at the moment. When we react we are making our decisions on experiences that may have nothing to do with what is best for us today. It’s All About You is the guidebook to a life lived by choice. Available at Amazon Books or follow the link in our store.

Bear and Butterfly, THE relationship handbook. Did you ever wonder why men and women just cannot seem to communicate sometimes? The answer lies in the distant past. Once we begin to understand the why of miscommunication, we can begin to work on how to make essential connections. Would you believe that there are actual physical reasons we think differently?
Decode your relationship. Read Bear and Butterfly, THE relationship handbook. Available at Amazon Books or follow the link in our store.

The Lady Ashtar Story is the biography of Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar. Follow her journey from being a simple Oregon girl with yet to be reveled talents to connect with the voices of the Universe.
This heart rending story explores the death of her father, the invisible world only she seems to see, the frightening visits from otherworldly entities right up through meeting and becoming the earthly voice of an Ascended Master, Ashtar. Today Lady Ashtar is a world renown Trance Channel who travels the world sharing the Wisdom of Ashtar.
This book is available in English at Amazon Books or follow the link in our store. Also available through Amazon JP in Japanese through Clover Publishing.