About Brian

Brian Graham has lived an amazing life, with much more yet to come.

Born in Salem, Massachusetts and he was moved to Southern California when his father took a job to be part of the early 1960’s Space Race. Since that time Coastal communities from Santa Barbara to Oceanside, California have been his home with several notable exceptions.

After Graduating from John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma, California Brian accompanied his family to Woomera, Australia; a rocket range deep in the Outback. Being a teenager, he took full advantage of the opportunity to rebrand himself constantly. This was his first experience in discovering that we are who we choose to see ourselves to be.

He was “encouraged to enlist” in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Basic Training at Ford Old, California, Specialty training as a Broadcaster at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana then deployment to Ubon, Thailand as part of the American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS). Stationed on the Cambodian border he didn’t have all of the experiences of Adrian Cronower in “Good Morning Vietnam,” but did become part of a network that provided emotional support to young men and women in a combat zone. Upon returning to the U.S. he once again found himself at Fort Ord as a narrator for training films.

Honorably Discharged in 1975 Brian became a full-time broadcaster in Monterey, California; a vocation he followed for the next decade in Monterey, Santa Ana, Redondo Beach and Los Angeles.

His next professional step was into Public Relations arranging events for several international companies.
Tiring of the hit-and-miss of PR, Brian moved into the field of Construction. For the next thirty years he owned his own Handyman business in Oceanside, California.

Right on schedule, according to Buddhist teachings, when his first Grandchild was born his attention began to focus on his spiritual development. In the early 2000’s he began a concentrated study of The Science of Mind. This would eventually lead to his becoming an Ordained Minister of New Thought with two Doctorates; Religious Studies and Doctor of Divinity. This course of study continues to demonstrate to him that all religions share a “Golden Thread.”

It has been said that Religious Science as written by Ernest Holmes is actually up to 75% Buddhist teachings. Without being aware of the why, he continued to expand his understanding of the Cosmos, deepening his commitment to recognizing each person as on their perfect path.

During his years as a resident of the City of Oceanside he became deeply involved in service. He coached Little League, served on dozens of committees and Commissions for the community; was a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce. Returning to his experience producing events for Corporations, he became a key member of of an organization which provided concerts on the beach for eleven years. For 15 years he was also an on-air host for the community television station as well. For over thirty years he has been the host of the Miss Oceanside Scholarship Pageant, an honor he continues even after leaving the community.

In 2019 Brian Graham was recognized for his 25 years of service to the All American Soap Box Derby by being inducted into the AASBD Hall of Fame. Along the way he headed the Oceanside Derby program for a decade as well as serving on the AASBD Rally Commission for a record 22 years.

As an author, Brian has written and self-published four books with another on the way. Tapping into his spiritual development, he has focused on writing books that are intended to inspire readers to tap into the limitless resources they have within themselves. The biography he wrote about Lady Ashtar (The Lady Ashtar Story) has been translated and published in Japan.

As a Public Speaker, Brian has spoken to Churches and Seminars from Coast to Coast as well as through radio and television programs.

These days Brian continues his spiritual voyage of discovery as an Author and guest speaker alongside his Internationally know wife, Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar. Together they travel around the world teaching, learning and deepening their appreciation of the interdependent web of humankind.