The Age of Wind


The age of wind begins today, depending upon what part of the world you find yourself.  Honestly, this is the first time I have heard of this age, but I am told it is akin to the Age of Aquarius.  From what I have heard as the great conjunction takes place in the skies over us, powerful forces are aligning to move mankind forward.

What does this mean to me?

I have nothing against anyone who is looking for ways to advance mankind beyond our current level of greed, no matter what you call it.  The Age of Wind is as good a name for peace, harmony and love as any other.  But no matter how we choose to refer to changes in the world nothing will happen without our participation.  Forces may indeed be set in motion by cosmic events, but unless you and I step up, it’s the same old dog and pony show.

What we have learned in 2020

This year has been a perfect example of gridlock on the information highway.  So many of the things that have been shared have been done with the intent of misleading people.  What we ended up with was a little more than half of the voting population believing one set of facts while just under half chose to accept another set of facts.  The further we went into 2020 the further apart we became.   One of the things we have learned (hopefully) is that loud voices and name calling do not win anyone over to our way of thinking.  And that, for what it’s worth is a great takeaway.

Moving safely into 2021

I am certain you are as tired of hearing about Covid-19 as I am.  My beautiful bride My beautiful bride and I have been pretty much locked-down since returning from Japan in March.  That being said, I have noticed that even many of the people who make fun of wearing masks and social distancing seem to grudgingly don face protection when entering a public area.  We cannot live in fear of anything.  We must, however, do the responsible thing for ourselves and those whose job it is to be on the front lines of this pandemic.  Sure, Christmas, New Years and the other celebrations we traditionally observe at this time of year will be different.  Please follow your local guidelines for safety and don’t confuse them with what you wish could be.  I am as anxious as you to be able to safely board an airplane to visit my favorite vacation spots, and it is coming.  Let’s not screw it up by losing focus this close to having a remedy.

Just like the Age of Wind

Cosmic forces may align, doctors may bring treatments, we may even surprise ourselves with how quickly this all becomes a story for over cocktails, but unless we participate, we are dooming ourselves to more dog an pony shows.

Stay well, stay healthy, and stay safe.  Even if we disagree about what a fact truly is, you are important to the successful future of this planet.


Brian K Graham


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