Heading to the playoffs

Football fans are hitting a fever pitch as their teams either head for the playoffs, or the locker rooms. Those of us who are not regular followers of American Football sometimes wonder what the big deal is. But if you step back and truly look at why sporting events are such a powerful draw for viewers, something amazing becomes clear. The power is not in the game itself, which of course, demands incredible athletic skills, but in how the games make us feel.

Uplifting vibrations

At the beginning of every match-up both teams have the possibility of going to the playoffs. All things are possible. The feeling of possibility is intoxicating. Everyday life lacks this high pitch of excitement, so we live vicariously through sports. At the end of the game there is a winner and a loser; life is made simple. How often do we struggle with the ambiguous nature of life? There are clear rules to sporting events that everyday life lacks. Is it any wonder so many people get caught up in the excitement of sports?

Sport as a metaphor

We often think of sport as a metaphor for daily life. In truth, it is only in sport that we can find the clarity that is missing as we live our lives. The David versus Goliath match-ups like the multi-play off champions Patriots and the first year Los Angles team Rams, just don’t get to happen to us very often in daily lives. What we are seeking is the higher vibrations that come along with cheering FOR something.

Time and again in life we find ourselves hoping something doesn’t happen. The plant doesn’t close, downsizing doesn’t happen to our department. Hoping something doesn’t happen is a low vibration. Hoping something does happen is a high vibration. A high vibration makes us feel good, a low vibration makes us feel badly. Do you begin to see the attraction of sports?

Look for the “for”

Rather than spending our lives rooting against anything, look for the opportunity to support something. Live on the positive side of life and your will find your outlook is much more positive and life affirming. Read It’s All About Me to find more tips for a happier life as you head for the playoffs of life.

The Involved Observer