Heading to the playoffs

Football fans are hitting a fever pitch as their teams either head for the playoffs, or the locker rooms. Those of us who are not regular followers of American Football sometimes wonder what the big deal is. But if you step back and truly look at why sporting events are such a powerful draw for […]

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Keeping your promise

Keeping your promise to yourself is what making a New Years Resolution is all about. We promise to lose weight, take up exercise, quit a bad habit, that kind of stuff. If this is not a promise to ourselves, then to whom is it a promise? To make it work To be successful at a

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The binary life

The binary life has two choices; something is good, or something is bad. This is such a limiting way to live. Consider, if you will, a rose. A hybrid rose has had all the “imperfections” bred out of it. Each is an exact duplicate of the next and they are indeed beautiful. Now, look in

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Be Aware!

Every moment of every day, Be Aware! Something wonderful will happen to you at any moment. On the other hand, you can be aware and something terrible will happen to you at any moment. Where are you focusing? The difference between something wonderful and something terrible is what you are focusing upon. Same life, same

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The art of Imagination

Some call it daydreaming, I prefer to think of the art of imagination as the starting point for a more satisfying life. Honoring the imagination I often write in these blogs about the power of our thought. What we think is what we believe, and what we believe is what can come into our lives.

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Two kinds of People

Duality suggests there are two kinds of people in this world; one kind believes there are two kinds of people, the other kind doesn’t. Yes, I am being a little flippant here, but I do have a purpose in my flippancy. My point leads to a discussion of the duality of our world. Dealing with

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What is my path

As 2018 evolves into 2019 many of us are asking “What is my path.” The new year is not only the time to celebrate the turning of the calander, but also a time to reflect upon our lives. Is there one path? Picture yourself driving along a freeway. Every mile or so there is an

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On the verge

Right now you are on the verge of a new dawn. For the next few days you will most likely forget to write 2019 on your checks, letters and other documents. Forget the New Year Resolutions, (they will probably go by the wayside quickly anyway) here is an opportunity to begin a new day in

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The hot button

What really ticks you off is your hot button. We all have something that can set us off, why I bet even Buddha had something. There is nothing wrong with having a hot button if, and I mean if, you recognize when it has been pushed. Once you are able to recognize one of your

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