On the verge

Right now you are on the verge of a new dawn. For the next few days you will most likely forget to write 2019 on your checks, letters and other documents. Forget the New Year Resolutions, (they will probably go by the wayside quickly anyway) here is an opportunity to begin a new day in your life; not getting pissed-off about the little stuff.

The little stuff

How much time and energy have you wasted getting angry with the little stuff? I am thinking about things like switching years, a broken shoelace, a substandard Hollandaise sauce, that kind of thing. Isn’t it kind of silly to let a minor glitch ruin your whole day? But there it is; just the smallest mole hill thing can quickly become an Everest in the blink of an eye, ruining your day. Seems kind of silly when you think about it, doesn’t it.

Turning a new leaf

Now that we have had a little fun with the concept, let’s get down to real possibilities; you are on the verge of changing all that forever. The New Year has traditionally be the day when we promise to lose weight, begin exercising, or reducing the number of sweets we consume each day. All these things are great, no doubt about it, but what if this new leaf also includes letting go of the small stuff? Why let someone else’s bad attitude ruin your day? Can you envision the possibility that this is the dawn of the day you, and only you, determine how your day is going?

It’s all about me

Taking responsibility for how you view the world is possibly the most important new dawn you an experience. Deciding that no one else will be the driver in your life, now that is a resolution that will have long-term benefits without having to spend one additional single dollar. Sound like something you can buy into?

Of course it’s all about you. No one else can live your life. No one else can make changes in how you feel. In my book It’s All About Me I have dozens of ideas about how this new life can be yours right now. Check it out, you will amaze yourself. Just click on the cover below to read a sample.

The Involved Observer