What is my path

As 2018 evolves into 2019 many of us are asking “What is my path.” The new year is not only the time to celebrate the turning of the calander, but also a time to reflect upon our lives.

Is there one path?

Picture yourself driving along a freeway. Every mile or so there is an off ramp. You know, for instance, you want to go to Los Angeles. How many exits are there for Los Angeles? No matter which freeway you are on, there are hundreds of exits that will place you in L.A. Which is the right path to your destination? A Zen answer might be that every exit is correct and every exit is incorrect. The true question is; what do you want to experience in The City of Angels? The answer to that question determines the correct exit.

It gets complicated

The question of what is your best path gets complicated because many times the route of your best path might seem to double-back on itself. For instance, you might need to visit the Farmers Market before you are ready to gain what you need when you visit the La Brea Tar Pits, to find yourself at the beach in Santa Monica. Have you gone astray at the Farmers Market? No, you have not, this is just part of your journey.

Learning to listen

Each of the stops you take is part of the journey you have chosen to undertake. What seems like a meaningless detour might just be an essential part of getting to your ultimate destination.

Within each of us is a Divine Guidance System that is unerring in its process. Your DGS will get you to exactly the right and perfect place based upon what you choose to experience. What we have to do is learn to listen; listen to the lesson each off-ramp has to teach us. There are no wrong choices, only lessons. That is what we are listening to hear.

Learning to trust

Learning to trust our DGS makes life so much easier than demanding things go the way we envision. My book Think, Believe, Receive can help you navigate your way to your goal by learning to trust that guidance. Read it, enjoy it, and happy journeys in 2019.