Two kinds of People

Duality suggests there are two kinds of people in this world; one kind believes there are two kinds of people, the other kind doesn’t. Yes, I am being a little flippant here, but I do have a purpose in my flippancy. My point leads to a discussion of the duality of our world.

Dealing with duality

Let’s define what we mean by duality. Duality is defined as two irreducible elements. We often look as duality as things either being good, or bad. The Universal truth is that there is actually no such thing as being either good or bad. A couple weeks ago I was involved in a collision that has profoundly limited my activities. Was this event bad, or was it good? The way I see it, the event was neither bad nor good. It simply was.

Seeing the whole picture

If I was to begin to list the “bad” elements I might say; my current inability to do any activity for very long, the frequent headaches, being restricted to staying home rather than my usual patterns are “bad” results. At the same time I see that I am able to spend more time with my Wife, who is away from home so often is a positive result. I am taking more time to listen to what my body says. These are “good” aspects. So, you see, there are two aspects of the same event. Both are true, but the tendency to define one as good and one as bad, fight each other. It is this dichotomy that creates the concept of duality. In truth, neither is good nor bad, it is all part of the whole picture.

The silver lining

Life is the whole range of experience. When we attempt to define this as evil, and that as good, we overlook the whole truth that life is what we make it. We can embrace both experiences and find the gifts within each without having to demonize or idealize either. That’s why the old saying is “Every dark cloud has a silver lining.” I agree, sometimes it is difficult to find the silver lining; it is much easier to just look at the rain cloud, but living in duality alone is just so draining.

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