The art of Imagination

Some call it daydreaming, I prefer to think of the art of imagination as the starting point for a more satisfying life.

Honoring the imagination

I often write in these blogs about the power of our thought. What we think is what we believe, and what we believe is what can come into our lives. The first step is to honor that part of us which is always looking forward. Looking forward to what could be. When we imagine ourselves having that perfect relationship, we actually are laying the groundwork to receive that relationship. When our imagination takes us to a tropical island doing what we most love to do, we are setting ourselves up to toes in the sand and toes in the water. Honor what your inner-self is telling you. Our inner-self is not limited by what others think we should be, do or have. Our inner-self is, just like our outer-self, unlimited in all ways.

It’s just the start

If we allow what we imagine to just be a daydream, that is one thing, but if we begin to act on that thought, it can come true. The imagination is only the first step. Many times we come back from visions of achieving something, being something or doing something and dismiss the thought as unattainable. Please remember, you could not have that vision if it were not possible to achieve if we take the next step; believing in ourselves.

But I’m stuck here!

If you get stuck at this point, pick up a copy of Think, Believe, Receive and get back on track. Once you understand the relationship between thoughts and receiving, life will take on a whole new experience. You can get a preview read by clicking on the cover below.