Be Aware!

Every moment of every day, Be Aware! Something wonderful will happen to you at any moment. On the other hand, you can be aware and something terrible will happen to you at any moment.

Where are you focusing?

The difference between something wonderful and something terrible is what you are focusing upon. Same life, same experiences, things can seem awful or they can seem delightful. Everything you experience is categorized based upon what you are focusing upon. Even the most trivial experiences come into play. You might have your eye set on a particular parking space, but someone else takes it before you can get there. You can choose to see it as something to complain about, or you can see it as a sign there is a better place for you to park somewhere else.

Rose colored glasses

I am fully aware some will read this and dismiss my words as looking at the world through rose colored glasses, and to a degree this is true. I believe that when we cooperate with the Universe rather than fight the Universe we are happier. Is there anything inherently undesirable about this approach to life? We are all guided and protected by a force much more wise than ourselves. You can call this force God, or the Universe, or anything else you wish, it is there and it is working for your happiness all the time.

Your part in the process

When you begin to realize, understand and appreciate that you are not alone on this journey we call life, everything begins to become easier. That simple understanding is your first part of the process. The next part of the process is to remain clear in what it is you want to experience. I am not talking about getting involved in how your good comes to you, I am talking about getting out of the trenches of how your good will arrive and remaining in the wider idea of your good.

Let’s say your idea of good is getting the perfect parking place for your errands. Suddenly the space you wants gets snagged by someone else. Maybe it turns out to be too small for comfort, your perfect space lies elsewhere.

Be aware!

When something like this happens, be aware that something good is happening. You don’t need to understand why that space wasn’t right. Simply be aware that the space you do get serves the larger picture of good. Maybe taking that space would have meant you would have had a collision. If you remain aware that the “larger force” knows better than you do, you can be aware that things are working perfectly. It is only when we demand things happen the way we want them to do we experience disappointment and anger.

Think, Believe, Receive

The three steps to an amazing life! You can begin your research on these three steps in your life by reading my book of the same name. I have included a link where you can read a sample for yourself. Change how you think, and your life will soar upwards!