The binary life

The binary life has two choices; something is good, or something is bad. This is such a limiting way to live. Consider, if you will, a rose. A hybrid rose has had all the “imperfections” bred out of it. Each is an exact duplicate of the next and they are indeed beautiful. Now, look in a garden. What you see are variations of color, size and shape. Does this make the hybrid rose right and the natural rose wrong? Certainly not, but this would be a binary view of life.

It is in your view

Whether something is beautiful, good or bad, desirable or undesirable is purely a matter of how you view it.

This week I visited my Doctor for a physical. As he looked over my chart for 2018 he noted two major events that required specific treatment. “I guess 2018 was a bad year for you, wasn’t it” he said to me. Honestly this took me back a step; I had considered 2018 to be a very wonderful year. In his view, two events made it a bad year for me; in my view this simply wasn’t the case. Life is not binary. Both views were correct, but it wasn’t until someone else looked at my history that a different definition arose for me. Because the condition of my life is a matter of how I look at it, I really had to make the determination if I would see 2018 as good or bad. (I still choose to see it as good!)

How do you see it?

As you look back on the previous year, will you decide it was a wasted year, a growing year, or was it simply a year of experiences that will contribute to who you are in the future? It really doesn’t matter how others view your experiences, it truly only depends upon your view. You can understand that every experience we have has created who we are today, therefore every experience is a positive one, or you can complain.

It’s All About You

There is nothing narcissistic about realizing you create your own life experiences. It truly is about your own view. This is not the same as thinking you, and you alone are right. Taking control of how you experience the world, allowing or blocking your own happiness. That’s what my book It’s All About Me reminds us. Stop living under the control of how others think. Read this book and take control of your own happiness. Just click on the cover below and get started!

The Involved Observer