Keeping your promise

Keeping your promise to yourself is what making a New Years Resolution is all about. We promise to lose weight, take up exercise, quit a bad habit, that kind of stuff. If this is not a promise to ourselves, then to whom is it a promise?

To make it work

To be successful at a resolution, or for that matter any kind of promise, it has to be a matter of loving ourselves. We must love ourselves enough to keep that promise. If we vow to lose weight because we don’t love ourselves as we are, our rate of success falls quickly. On the other hand, if we decide we have enough “fluffiness” already and decide to love ourselves enough to shed some stuffing, our success rate goes up. We are no longer punishing ourselves for what we have done before. This change in thought will substantially improve our chances of succeeding at whatever it is we want to achieve.

It all comes down

It all comes down to loving ourselves. Promises made to please others become burdens. In time those burdens morph into “Look what I am doing for you!” With that shift, even the most positive attempts at changes become corrosive to our relationships. Both with ourselves and others.

I love myself enough to lose this excess fat. I love myself to get more exercise. I love myself enough to find a better place to work. That’s what it all comes down to, because it’s All About Me! When you decide to make a change in your life, first understand what the change is all about and why you want to make it. Read It’s All About Me, The Involved Observer to begin. Just click the cover below to learn how to start. The key is understanding what is motivating you.

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