The Christmas wish

This is my wish on the eve of Christmas 2018. My wish is that you and yours will find a deeper meaning in life from this day forward.

What does this mean?

I wish you the experience of love. Simply put, not one of us is living to the full potential of our love. My wish is that someone says something to you today, or tomorrow that will unlock another level of appreciation for your own life, and the value of every other life that shares this beautiful planet.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the power of love transcends titles, location, gender or background. The power of love heals all things. Clearly I am not referring to that delightful feeling of attraction we might have towards another person; this love is far greater. This is the love that comes from recognizing that every sentient being wants, and is worthy of, love.

Rewriting the past

We are very adept at sharing or withholding love as a weapon. This is a tool we learned in the past but it does not have to continue to be so. Sharing love erases fear. Releasing the fear of sharing love releases us. This lesson can be rewritten to accepting each other, even if we don’t necessarily like the other person.

Romantic love is wonderful; my beautiful Bride Terrie and I revel in it everyday no matter in the world we are. However, continuing to pigeon-hole love as one dimensional, we short change ourselves. What is called Agape Love applies to all beings and simply honors each as worthy of being loved.

Embracing all

We would be hard pressed to go to war with someone we love. When we recognize love as being all, and all around us, there is no need for walls or tariffs.

You need not lose your self identity to love everything around you, in fact it will make you stronger and less fearful. That is my wish for you. Merry Christmas!