I see no reason

If you see no reason to give thanks, the issue is no one’s but your own.

Reasons to give thanks

The very fact you may be agreeing or disagreeing with this statement is a reason to give thanks.  You are a thinking, breathing, live human being.  Give thanks for that.  If your life sucks, the flip side of that is that somewhere within yourself you know that life can be better.  If you feel this thought, it means you can change what you are experiencing, give thanks!  So, if you are missing a loved-one who has left this earth, that means you shared something deep and meaningful with them.  What better reason for gratitude?  No matter what part of life has you down, it is a sign that there is more good in store for you.  Give thanks!

The power of gratitude

Many of us were taught at an early age that it is appropriate to offer thanks before eating a meal.  It did not matter what the meal was; a seven course feast or a simple bowl of soup, we gave thanks.  I kind of lost that habit as the years passed until I realized giving thanks did nothing for God, but it did wonders for me.  When I remembered that giving thanks reminded me that I have food to eat.  This is not the case with many people on our planet.  An added bonus to offering my gratitude was that the more I said thank you for what I have, the more I had.  

Become Aware

Becoming aware of the gifts in our lives; from food to health, from a safe home to freedom to choose, increases our awareness and appreciation of those things.  It also makes us aware of just how many wonderful things are in our lives.

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