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Zero sum thinking

In a recent blog I wrote about Zero Sum thinking.  Briefly stated zero sum thinking is that if you win, I must lose.

Think, Believe, Receive

My first published book was called Think, Believe, Receive.  Since the time I wrote it I have updated the book and added a new title; Think, Believe, Receive 2.0.  The premise of this book is that we create our own world.  We are the Writers, Directors, Actors and critics of our self-created world.  The most freeing, and at the same time encumbering aspect of being all these things is that we are challenged to take responsibility for our actions.

This is freeing because we, and we alone, have the power to re-write or re-critique our impressions of our world.  If laboring along thinking every one wants your piece of the pie has you down, re-write your script.  You lose when you think there is only so much to go around.  If you don’t receive what you think you are entitled to receive, there are simple steps to understanding the truth.

Zero Sum Thinking

When we realize our view of the world is wholly our own creation there can be no zero sum thinking, unless we insist upon it.  Even when we insist on the validity of zero sum thinking, we are still creating our own world!

The echo chamber

The effect of the echo chamber in which we chose to live is that we hear back from the media talking-heads what we want to hear.  We chose which media to visit. We make our choices because their message reflects our existing beliefs.  Take a moment to remember; media outlets are no longer charged to report truth, let alone facts.  They have one goal and one goal only;  generating revenue.   Make no mistake about it, if someone decided they could make money broadcasting only street paving projects that is what they would do.  It would not be long before “they” would be telling us that if Elm Street got repaved, the people on Granite Street were being deprived.  The Zero Sum echo chamber is a powerful financial resource!

Back to our premise

So here we have the why of Think, Believe, Receive.  What we think about becomes what we believe.  What we believe drives what we receive.  We cannot receive good in our lives if we exist in an environment that is dedicated to keeping us angry and feeling deprived.  But no one is forcing you to watch or listen to programs that make you upset.  This is a choice you have made.  If you are sick and tired of feeing sick and tired change the input you allow.

Moving for change

I hear many wonderful people saying they are moving out of California because they no longer believe in its direction.  I understand their frustration, but I can save them a whole lot of money.  If they leave California for, say Idaho, but they take their echo chamber and belief in Zero Sum Thinking with them, Idaho will soon look exactly like California.  They will be just as disenchanted in Idaho as California.  The same thing goes for you.  If you want real change in your life relocation is not the answer.  Examining what you Think, Believe and Receive is the answer.

It’s not comfortable

It’s not comfortable to take responsibility for your life.  Especially when you have learned to let others tell you what is right and what is wrong.  The question is; who runs your life?  In the end it is your choices that determine how happy you are.  I invite you to visit me at to read more blogs about taking control of your life.  And of course, getting a  copy or two of Think, Believe, Receive 2.0 at Amazon Books is another great start!


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