Just in time

No matter what you seek, it can only appear just in time.  It cannot be rushed, it cannot be forced or short-circuited.  

The frustration of manifestation.

Whether you pray, wish, treat or visualize a dream, goal or experience, very often it seems the answer has been no.  Many of us think prayers (in whatever form) remain unanswered.  What we are overlooking is that the Universe has a different concept of time than we do.  For us, time is measured in minutes, hours, days, months and years.  For the Universe time does not exist as we view it.  This is why we sometimes pray and do not see the results we seek.  This can be very frustrating indeed.  “See,” we say, “prayer doesn’t work.”  Prayer is wishful thinking.  At these times it is essential to remember the distortions of time/space life.  We forget so easily that we are eternal beings.  

Manifestation happens.

Regardless of our perspective, manifestation happens.  Dreams do come true.  Plans take shape in the most delightful ways.  We, as humans, easily overlook the delightful little ways that our dreams do come true.  We are so busy thinking that what we want must show-up in our lives in a particular way that we overlook it showing up!  

Setting up a list of goals.

Just above my computer I have a list of goals for my life.  Some are short-term goals, some are long term goals.  Right there is a problem.  My idea of short-term does not bind the Universe.  I may see the manifestation of what I want reveal itself over a long period of time.  In the same breath I must also remind myself that what I see as long-term goals may enter my life right now.  When we establish a list of goals it is important to review them every day.  This helps refresh them in our minds, and gives us the opportunity to see if they have begun to show up already.

The process of life. 

Think, Believe, Receive, Three steps to an amazing life outlines how we can come to grips with manifesting in our lives.  Read a sample of the book by clicking on the cover below, then order your own copy.  I know it will help you see things showing up, Just in time.

Think Believe Receive