Change your life?

In what ways do you dream of making a change in your life?  Is this year of 2018 going to be another year of the same-old-same-old?  When 2018 comes to its conclusion will you find yourself with the same unfulfilled dreams?  Will another list of resolutions end up on the trash pile?  Or, is this the year you finally break the pattern of all the years that have gone before?

If you are going to have that break-through year you will want to step back.  Focus on exactly what those changes are to be.  Why you want the change in the first place.  If you want to loose weight so others will like you, rethink your motivation.  Making changes for other people seldom stands the test of time.  Remold your motivation.  Make that weight loss to please yourself.  A better job will not make your spouse love you more.  Getting a better job because you will feel better about yourself, now that is something that can work!  

A word of caution.

Once you have created a clear idea of the change you want to make, and why you want to make those changes; STOP.  The why and the what are your work.  The HOW is not your work.  As humans we have a limited concept of possibility.  This possibility is based upon our own experience and the experience of others.  The Universe has an unlimted range of possibility in fulfilling your goals.  You may believe you have to struggle through a diet program to loose weight.  The Universe has an unlimited number of ways for you to loose weight.  Many do not rely upon struggle.  A new job can come at you from “out of the blue.”  You may never have to even submit a resume.  Again, the HOW is not your work.

What your work is.

Your work, your only work, is to focus on the change you wish to experience.  Do everything you can think of to prepare yourself for that change.  If education will improve your opportunities, enroll now.  If you want to loose weight, start walking.  The magic of the Universe comes into play at this point.  The more you focus on your goals, the more clearly they will appear in your life.  When they arrive you will recognize them more easily.  Any goal; weight loss, a better job, a more satisfying relationship, anything at all can be yours based upon your thinking.

A great first step.

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