You are a light

You are a light of the Universe if you see the world, the Universe, the Cosmos as the creation of The One.  It doesn’t matter what name you use to refer to The One, in the end names do not matter.  You are a light of the world if you see all creation as sacred and connected.  If you see love as the building block and connective energy of all things and people, you are a light of the world.

There is no counter-energy

At this point some will ask; “What about evil?”  What we describe as evil has a lot to do with what we, ourselves, feel is bad.  In extreme cases someone may do something almost everyone will term “evil“, I agree.  But what happens when evil (or the forces of darkness) encounter those of the light?  They run for cover.  You see, darkness cannot exist where there is light.  If you enter a darkened room you turn on a light and darkness disappears.  Evil cannot exist in the presence of light, yet light can and does exist surrounded by darkness.

And your point is?

If you feel darkness and evil are depending upon our earth, it is more important than ever for you, yes you, to stand as a light of the world.  If you feel government and business interests are bringing evil and darkness to our nation, it is more important than ever for you to stand as the light of the world.  It does no one any benefit to be a light of the world if you are simply a spectator.  This is your responsibility; to turn on all the lights you can–literally and figuratively.  

But first…

First you must understand how powerful you are.  I offer for your consideration my book Think, Believe, Receive.  Read it and learn how to let your light shine.