Get intimate with your power

Get intimate with my power?  Are you saying what I think you are saying?  Probably not, but it got your attention.

Getting intimate

What I mean is, get to know your personal power so you can use it to your advantage.  You are using that power anyway, why not use it to get what you want rather than a random series of experience.

Personal Power

Look at your life right now.  Are you satisfied with what you have, doing and earning?  Each of these components of your life are a perfect reflection of your thinking, your beliefs and what you are ready to receive.  If something is amiss in what you are living it is time to get intimate with your personal power.  What are you asking to receive?  Has it come your way already and you didn’t recognize it?  Take a little time and review what your goals were ten years ago, or five years ago.  Be honest with yourself; did your goals arrive and now you find that goal to be too small?  Too confining?  That’s alright, goals should expand.  What seems to you today to be perfect is not supposed to fit you in a decade, or three years, or even tomorrow.  Your personal power created what you have and your personal power will create even greater things as you become intimate with how you use this power.

The three steps

The three steps to living what you dream are in my book Think, Believe, Receive.  It also happens that these are the three steps as well!   You are not a pawn in life, you are a creator.  Are you creating success or are you creating failure?  Being intimate with your personal power will help you decide for yourself, so read the book.  Just follow the link on the cover below and find out for yourself.