The magic of life

You never know what magic will show up in your life, but is it magic or the result of your personal power?

Your plans

Almost all the books about success tell us we should plot, strategize and plan every step of our life to succeed.  These steps are all well and good; knowing where you want to go, how you want to feel when you get there, and what life will look like when it all comes together.  If we focus exclusively on the steps to the exclusion of the one most important variable, we will not succeed.

The magic of life

Let’s say your intention is to find your perfect mate.  You plan to socialize in specific groups that match your ideal mate’s characteristics, plot out the times of day they are most likely to be there and what to wear carefully.  Still, all you meet are duds.  But at a time you did not plan, at a place you did not foresee, you bump into someone who doesn’t fit any of your specifications.  You feel an attraction to this person but because you have been so focused on checking all the boxes you dismiss them.  You have just blocked the magic of life from your experience, and perhaps missed the perfect relationship you have been asking to receive.  

Life is full of magic that defies our plans, yet completely fulfills what we want.

Pay attention

As I have written many times in this blog, if you know how you want to feel when you find that perfect relationship.  If you know how your life and their life will complement each other, the Cosmos will fill that request perfectly if you pay attention.  Don’t get hung-up in what you think is the perfect answer.  Pay attention and your wishes will all come true because the Cosmos has a wider range of options than your mind can conceive.

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