What you believe

You can believe many things, and at the same time have no faith in your beliefs.  For example; an atheist will renounce their belief in any type of Supreme Being.  But sooner or later they will probably be heard saying something like “God help us.”  An ardent Christian my profess to believe Jesus, or God is the source of their good, yet can still be heard saying things like “Good Luck!”  

A true atheist would never call upon a higher entity to intercede, and a Christian with real faith would have a background of training which taught them that all good comes from on high.

The Rules

So many of us base our spiritual being on a set of rules.  If I act this way, I will get to heaven.  If I act that way I will go to hell. Then become selective about which commandments apply to this moment.   There is no God, so I have to create everything I receive, (until that is too difficult).  Rules have no place in true Spiritual Growth.  The entire purpose of Spiritual Growth is to develop in such a manner as to simply live every moment of every day in accordance to the Golden Rule.  Every major theological movement has a version of the Golden Rule.  I prefer the term Golden Thread.  In short it simply means to live our lives recognizing we are all created from One Source; that to harm another is to harm ourselves.  This is not a rule, it is a reminder.

Rules were created as crowd control.  If each of us constantly reminded ourselves that another person is simply a mirror of ourselves, we would automatically live our lives in a manner that would not require national boundaries, fences and yes, even war.  

I invite you to begin your journey beyond rules into belief in which you can have faith, true faith, not lip service by reading It’s All About Me.  You can order it by clicking on the cover below.

The Involved Observer