People like me

People like me never get a date.  I am too fat, too short, too ugly, too, too!  Have you ever heard yourself saying something along those lines?  Perhaps there is really nothing about your shape, size or mental capacity that other people find undesirable.  I can think of a couple good reasons these statements seem to be true to you.

Reason One

As vibrational beings we all emit a signal to others.  If we view ourselves as unworthy, that is the vibration that is sent to others.  Most of the time people don’t even realize what they are feeling, the only know the vibration they feel and act upon it.  Therefore, no invitation.

Reason Two

We believe what we tell ourselves.  If we are telling ourselves we can never get a date, or have a meaningful relationship, when an invitation comes along it is so foreign to us we don’t hear it, or maybe we don’t believe it.

Reason Three

Most people prefer to be around others who support their view of themselves.  If you are constantly telling other people “People Like Me never get a date”, others are afraid they will begin to believe the same thing.

Mental housekeeping

If you have years of experience telling other people (and believing it yourself) that you can not have a meaningful relationship it is time to start telling a new story.  Often it is simply a matter of changing what you say to “I have yet to have a meaningful relationship, but I am hopeful!”  A simple twist of words can change your life into something you want to live.

ThinkBelieve, Receive 

That is all you have to do to start living a more fulfilling life.  It isn’t necessarily easy, it takes practice, but it is simple.  People will respond to you in a whole new way.  Click on the cover below and begin changing your life today.