What is your title?

Titles are what we are given to get other people to respond to us in a certain way.  The grander the title, the more exalted we ought to be viewed, don’t you think?  

The lie of the title

On the surface having the title CEO, or CFO makes us more important than having the title Administrative Assistant.  We are financially compensated based upon our title, but do you think an effective CEO would be as effective is they did not have a great Administrative Assistant?  How efficient would a large company be without clerks, janitors, receptionists and so on?  Whomever wears the crown “President” is simply another cog in a huge wheel that is dependent upon all those who are “below” them on the ladder.  Having a title does not make anyone more important than anyone else, except in their own mind.

When we judge ourselves based upon the title we hold we miss so much about our lives.  How many job descriptions do you hold right now?  Mother/Father, Son, Daughter, Cousin, friend, poker-buddy, carpooler, coach, team mom, you get the point.  The thing is; we are all those individual descriptions, and none of them.  Getting to the core of who we are is something all of us must do at some point in our lives, regardless of the hat we are wearing.  

Doing YOU

No matter what description you are given from the outside, it is who YOU are that will make that title real, or window dressing.  Expensive car, or a twenty year old beater, we all have to look at ourselves in the mirror.  What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Do you see a job description, or who you are?

This is the gift I offer when I finish a talk; “May one day you look in the mirror and see your face as the face of God.”

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