Feeling alone

The feeling of being alone is the most frightening experience we can have.  For most of us, every moment of every day there are people around us.  Sometimes these people are within our personal space, sometimes they are beyond the walls of our homes, but there are always people around.  Yet even the the realization of the presence of others does not soothe our overwhelming sense of being alone.  We feel isolated, unable to make connections with others.  Over time this feeling deepens until we believe that no-one wants to connect with us.  This becomes a belief that we are unworthy of connection.  In a frighteningly short period of time we cease even trying to establish a connection to others.  We withdraw into being an island unto ourselves.

Not to be taken lightly

If someone you know is sinking into this pit of disconnection please do not take it lightly.  Simply saying “Cheer up!”  or “We are here for you” will probably not be effective.  The malaise of feeling alone can lead to deep depression disorders.  Fortunately there are readily available resources and medications to give some relief for this downward spiral.  Do not take it lightly.

A preventative step you can take

There is no need to go around looking for sad people to “cure.”  If you go about your own days feeling the power within you, that power will burst from your being like a beacon.  This is not your power, this is the Universe, the Cosmos, flowing through you.  Almost certainly you know of someone who enlivens a room simply by showing up.  They are being the power.  Nothing has to be said, they just seem more there!  This can be you.  You will never know whose life you save from depression by being all you are, but you will save lives.

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