Setting your goals

What are your goals for 2018?  Have you set your goals on becoming a better leader?  Will you become a more effective supporter?  Will you organize gatherings that will impact the world?  Is your goal to be a more active member of the chorus?  Every role has an important impact on our world.  What good is a powerful leader if there is no one in the chorus?  If you have a passion for a cause, can you more effectively support that passion?  You may not want to be center-stage, still, someone has to organize the event.

Living up to your goals.

Giving lip-service to your goal will not cut the mustard.  Some of the changes you will need to make to become more effective, no matter the goal, may be painful.  You may have to give up certain old ways of thinking to reach the next level.  On this topic I speak from very recent experience.  I have had to let go of my story about my own capabilities.  I have been called to release ideas with which I have become very comfortable to move to the next level.  A new set of goals, or a higher level of success, by definition, means letting go of the old ways of doing things.  If we are to achieve our goals we cannot languish in the old ways of thinking.  If those ways had been effective we would have already reached where we want to be.

Nothing you have done is wasted.

Just because you have identified a greater goal does not mean you have failed at anything along the way.  Every step you have taken has lead you to the point where you can visualize something greater.  Even those things you look back on with chagrin have supported this expansion.  Every seeming failure has been, in it’s own way, a success.  

Get clear in your goals.

How can you achieve something you have not defined?  If you are the kind of person who likes to make lists, make a list of your goals.  If you like the storyboard process, get busy.  Meditate on your vision if that works for you.  The thing to remember is; these are your goals, not someone else’s goals.  Share your goals only with those who will support you.  Too many good ideas have been lost because others could not grasp the vision.  Get clear in your goals, do the work, and let the Universe deliver the results.  The “What” is your work.  The “How” belongs to the Universe.  Read It’s All About Me for more tips on developing the “What” and releasing the “How”.  Click on the cover below for a sample, then order the book on

The Involved Observer