Be it resolved

Making a New Year resolution you can fulfill requires a change in thinking.  Resolutions are wonderful, although easily broken.  That gym membership we promise to use.  The new eating plans we swear to uphold.  Resolving not get angry so easily.  The list goes on an on.  As New Years approaches we make ourselves so many promises for a better year.  When we break those promises we inevitably feel worse about ourselves.  Why do we set these goals then walk away from them?

Shed the baggage.

Almost every resolution we make ourselves stems from baggage we insist on carrying around on our backs.  Almost every resolution we break is a result of not releasing that baggage.  If we are to follow through on our promise to work-out, we must first let go of the baggage that we have never before kept our fitness promise. If we fall back into our previous eating habits, we are being called to examine what we gain by eating as we do.  What reward do we find in self-sabotage?  The reward is hidden in that baggage we are carrying around.  If anger is our issue the cause is in our past.   We get angry easily because our baggage is filled with anger. It is not enough to resolve to change; we must first identify, then rid ourselves of the root cause.  The solution is in shedding our baggage.

What does that baggage look like?

Anger issues are most often attached to fear baggage.  Working-out and dietary issues can be linked to self-image baggage.  Self-image baggage can also show up in our lives as worthiness issues.  The baggage we are carrying is not often labeled so we can easily identify how it is affecting us.

It is not a laziness issue that keeps us away from the gym.  The baggage in question might look like feeling abandoned sometime in our lives.  To release that particular package we first have to forgive someone.  We might be protecting ourselves from intimacy because we fear another episode of abandonment.  Lack of forgiveness is the baggage we carry.  

Receiving our good.

The Universe is not withholding our good; we simply do not see our good arrive because of the way we think.  We do not believe we are worthy of what we want.  To receive the gifts that are ours we only need to change our thinking.  In my book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life we walk through action steps to change our thinking.  The result is that when we we say “Be it resolved” we can achieve our goals.  Click on the cover below to read a sample of this book, then order it through

Think Believe Receive