Seeing the future

Would you like to know what the future holds for you?  Just once wouldn’t you like to know if you should take this action as opposed to that action and know, simply know how things would turn out?  

The future is in flux

If you have experienced an astrological reading and the astrologer is honest, they would have told you that what they are reading is one possibility.  I work with an Ascended Master, Ashtar, and even he, from his elevated position, constantly makes that statement.  There is no fixed future.  Even what we are experiencing this very moment is subject to interpretation.  What we perceive about the desirability of our lives this very moment will change through the lens of  time.  We often discover that the discomfort we may be feeling about this moment results in a perfect outcome.  One we would have gladly multiplied many times if we only knew in advance how perfectly the outcome unfolds.  But there is the rub, we cannot know because the future s in flux.

The variables

What tomorrow, or next week or next year look like when we arrive is dependent on an incalculable number of variables.  Your own actions are just one of those variables.  When we add-in the actions or inactions of every other person on this planet, the variables multiply accordingly.  As we take this into account we see that our future cannot be fixed on any single point.  

The what, not the how

We are far more likely to arrive at a goal if we focus upon WHAT we would like to be, do and have at some point in the future rather than HOW we get to that point.  The Universe is far more efficient in producing results than we as individuals.  Take the steps to what you want and leave the how to the higher power.

Taking those steps is what my book It’s All About Me is about.  Click on the cover below for a sample then get your own copy.  Create your own future.

The Involved Observer