From here, I look good!

As we travel our individual paths to ascension we often find ourselves thinking “As far as I know, I am a delightful person!”  Unfortunately, from others we are hearing quite a different story.  Our immediate reaction may be to bless them and their ideas, and move on.  Or, we may feel hurt or angry about their comments.  All three reactions are quite understandable, but are we missing something?

Learning about ourselves

Those other people who are not invested in who we are or what we do may have some valid points for us to consider.  Even the most enlightened among us can harbor invisible limiting beliefs. We get so involved in our lives we lose the perspective others have of us.  We do not have to take the criticism to heart, but we can take it under advisement.  The more we work at being what we think of as a better person, the easier it is to lose sight of growth opportunities.  To round off some of those jagged edges we have forgotten about.

Learn, but don’t become fixated

Our best teachers are the people who seem to irritate us the most.  The people who just get under our skin are there for a reason; for us to learn through them.  There is a difference between learning and becoming fixated.  If we try to be what everyone else wants us to be, who are we?  There is simply no way to please everyone, all the time. And of course we also have to take into account that some people will never be happy no matter what we do.  This is why we want to learn from other people’s views and suggestion (yes, even complaints) but we do not want to find ourselves running every which way.  We will never get anywhere if we do.

A case in point

Lady Ashtar (Terrie Symons) began her working life as a carpenters assistant.  Today she is the worlds most dynamic and powerful Trance Channels in the world.  The outside voices she listened to along her path were varied and unusual, but she took what she could and put it to use.  Read her story in The Lady Ashtar Story, it is an inspiring tale of learning without being fixated.  Click the cover below for a sample read, then get your own copy at