Getting dragged-in

Drama is the claws of the past dragging us backwards.  How often do you find yourself embroiled in drama?  Finding yourself distracted on the way to success by the monkey chatter of everyday life?  Drama is not your friend.  On the surface, having a conversation about who did what to whom may seem like simply passing the time, but before long that chatter is infused with emotion.  We get dragged into a world of fault, blame and judgement.  Emotions begin to swirl around us.  Before we know it, we are just as upset as the person telling us the story.

Why do we do this?

We want to be supportive of others. Creating connection or community may be the most universal desires we share.   The problem is, as we attempt to support another person by listening to their story we get dragged-into the story.  Suddenly we find ourselves choosing sides.  We may not even notice that what began as sharing information has suddenly become a blame game.  There are people around us who are very good at dragging us into their drama.  Their mission is to get us to support their efforts to feel better about themselves.  Depending upon how facts are related, an innocent remark or action can become a sinister plot.  This is great for novels, not so great for life.

No one makes us do it

Before we go blaming others for dragging us into their drama, remember, we first have to agree to play along.  No one else can get us to entrain with their anguish unless we allow ourselves to get on board that train.  What makes you want to join in someone else’s upset?  What do we get as a payoff?  Do we believe they will like us better if we support their own agenda?  Are we craving the attention that comes with being a confidant?  There is always a payoff for us, and there is always a price for that payoff.  Avoid paying the price of destructive drama, read Think, Believe, Receive, Three steps to an amazing life.  Click on the cover below to read a sample, then order your own copy.

Think Believe Receive