Sentient Beings

Sentient beings are anything that perceives or feels.  Does this mean that only humans are sentient?  Let me ask you; does a pet perceive anything? Does a tree or plant feel anything?  Quite obviously, both feel and perceive.  

Our limited awareness

Homo Sapiens are at the top of the food chain, so we often disregard just how much of what we think of as “Lower Life Forms” share many of the things we believe set us apart.  This makes it possible for us to run rampant over our planet.  It’s OK to destroy a rain forest because, after all, it’s only trees.  Yet we know now that trees communicate with each other.  When a particular type of beetle attacks one tree, the nearby trees begin emitting chemicals to repel that beetle.  This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  It took us a few millennium to comprehend this fact; what else have we not discovered from our limited awareness?  Whales, Dolphins, Dogs and Cats are well documented feeling and perceptive creatures.  What other critters out there also feel and sense just as much, or more?  

Walking softly

As much as we might like to think of ourselves as masters of our planet, we are actually only visitors here.  Part of an incredible interwoven network of plants, trees, animals, and yes, even the soil beneath our feet.  We do not have a God given right to take what we want and disregard everything else.  It is not possible to harm someone or something else without we, ourselves, experiencing repercussions for our actions.  Have you taken note of the increase of earthquakes in Oklahoma where fracking is rampant?  How can we be unaware of the effects mankind is having on even our National Parks with increased visitation?  All I am saying is, remember to walk softly on our Mother Earth.

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