My money

All of us worry to some degree about money.  Would you like to be financially independent? mWhen someone tells me they don’t worry, frankly, I have to wonder why they are telling me they don’t worry!  So much of our lives is devoted to earning a living.  This is not news to you, of course, you too are out there in the trenches exchanging your time for income.  Here is the real kicker though; you will never have enough.  You will never have enough as long as you go through life believing there is a lack of money.

Reorganize your idea about money.

“Oh no, here he goes again,” some will say.  “How can how I think about money change the fact I have bills to pay?”  Fair enough, bills are real, and the balance in the checkbook is real.  I give you that.  When I say reorganize your thoughts about money I do not mean simply pretend the $100.00 in the checkbook will cover the $300.00 in bills.  What I mean goes back to one of my basic principles; the Universe has an unlimited number of ways to provide for you, even money.  If your belief is that your only source of income is that which arrives in your paycheck, you are overlooking your greatest asset.  Income can also come in the form of refunds, winnings, found money, and gifts, just to name a few.  As long as we attach our financial well-being to only our paychecks we will forever be a slave to our jobs.

What does it mean to get a new thought about money?

In my book Think, Believe, Receive I have an entire, easy to read chapter about what is called “The Law of Circulation.”  This chapter details how money is all around us.  How some of that abundance is simply begging to find its way into our pockets.  If you are struggling with the concept of financial independence, this is the book you want to read.  It will not take you long to find a new way to look at money if you put these concepts to work for you.  There is an excellent chance that you will soon be saying “I always have enough to spare and to share.”

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