The change in our lives

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said “There is nothing more constant than change.”  As with so many of these precious old sayings, this message resounds though our lives on so many levels.  What we think about change, what we believe about it, is what we receive.

A source of sadness.

Letting go of things we know is difficult.  The feeling of knowing how something works.  The security of “If I do this, that will happen.”  Being able to turn to someone we know and share a thought.  When these things are altered, due to relocation, or the passing of a loved one, it is sad.  Even when what we know is uncomfortable, there is a feeling of comfort in consistency.   Why do things have to change ? we ask ourselves.

A source of joy.

The break through an economic blockade into wealth, on the other hand, can bring great joy.   When a child comes into our lives we discover a new level of joy.  When we find our hearts’ calling, isn’t this a source of joy?  Why do things have to change?  Because without expansion we cease living.

Often we discover that the immediate feeling of sadness that comes with change is the only way we can find happiness.  To move beyond the limitation of “that is just how things are” to “isn’t life grand” can only occur through expansion.  The relationship that has become toxic. The job which is more like bondage.  The home we have outgrown.  When we resist change, we are working against the very forces of the Universe.

Embracing it. 

Our first reactions  are often anger, frustration, or even fear.  Some of us will attempt to deny these feelings.  In denying those very real feelings we dishonor ourselves.  Every change brings some type of emotional reaction.  By far the most powerful position we can adopt is to embrace change, AND embrace the feelings that arise.  We embrace those feelings to process our emotions; to allow them the time they deserve before they go away.  If we do not embrace and honor these feelings they fester.  They lay hidden and return at the most inappropriate times.

Living comfortably with change.

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