Paying for it again

How many times do we find ourselves paying for what we have done?  I have to honestly admit that in the past I have done things that would have sent me to jail had I been caught.  I have not always treated others as I would like to have been treated either.  The question is; how many times do we have to pay for what we have done in the past?  If what I had done had sent me to prison , I would be out of by now!

Paying again

Some people just love to remind us of how we behaved in the past.  If we slighted them in some way, they want us to keep paying for the injustice.  Even if we have apologized, this action, or those words, are used against us.  This form of emotional prison is much worse than physical prison because we can never get paroled.  We pay again, and again, and again.

Even worse than someone else asking us to pay again and again, is when we do it to ourselves.  This is called remorse, guilt or even a guilty conscious.  We do not benefit from holding ourselves in prison.  Too often, rather than being a thing we did, whatever it is becomes who we are.

Arranging a parole

In the end, it is we who are holding ourselves in prison, not someone outside ourselves.  We have the option of arranging our own parole.  Just like someone who has gone to State or Federal prison, we can put ourselves on parole.  To achieve parole we must first look at what we have done.  If our actions were the cause of confinement, we determine how to change our actions in the future.  Should a relapse occur, we will be held accountable.  To ourselves.  Prison is more a state of mind than a physical building.  You and only you can set yourself free.

Stop being a prisoner   

Today is your place of power.  This is the day you can make amends.  This is the day to free yourself from other peoples’ judgment.  Step one; click on the cover below and read a sample of my book It’s All About Me.  You will find many useable ideas in your journey to freedom within its pages.


The Involved Observer