Just visiting!

Here is a challenge for you; try viewing our beautiful planet as though you were just visiting from a far distant planetary system.  Step aside from your everyday view of your surroundings and put yourself in the place of someone visiting from another planet.  Would you view the sunset you see every day differently?  Would you consider the blue of our waters to be humdrum?  When you walk outside at night would you see the stars or just complain about the cold?

Stepping outside the usual.

When you consider the concept of infinity you, like myself, might get a little stuck, but go out as far as you can.  Infinity means there is no end, yet in all the Universes you can envision, there is no other planet like earth.  Not one single planet that embodies what we have right here. Earth is unique, but our daily lives numb us to the amazing beauty that surrounds us.  The problem is that we are too familiar with what we have.  Familiarity, it is said, breeds contempt.  When we trash our planet through careless use, we show contempt for it.  It is time to step outside our usual view of this magnificent planet.  I urge you to stop for a moment.  Look around yourself as though you were just visiting.  What would you see?

Act like a visitor.

Should you be fortunate, as I am, to be able to visit locations around the world you have no doubt been astounded by the beauty out there.   The white, red and black sandy beaches in Hawaii.  The indescribable majesty of the Himalayas.  The ancient  cultures of the Far East.  One cannot be complacent when viewing the empty expanses of Africa or the frozen wonderlands of the Arctic and Antarctic regions.  Yet we walk around our hometowns with closed eyes.  Yes, your own hometown produces that same wonderment to visitors as you might find traveling thousands of miles.  Act like a visitor in your own hometown.  Open your eyes today to the wonder that is all around you.

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