Greed is bad.  We have been taught to think that all our lives, but what is greed to me may not be greed to you.  Greed is a judgement call at best.  It is what you believe. For some people greed is having more money than they do.  Many people consider it greedy if another person takes more than is needed to live comfortably (in their eyes.)  Yes, we are in pure judgement here.  We have just limited what we can receive.

What is the greed scale?

I recently heard that there are more billionaires than ever before.  Fewer people are controlling more of the money on our planet.  Does this make those who have amassed huge sums of money bad people?  At what point do you consider someone greedy?  Is there a scale we can all view that says it’s OK to have this much money, but that amount  is too much?  Can a greedy person also be a kind, aware person?  Talk amongst yourselves for a moment about this.

Achieving your highest level.

Here is where your idea of what is greedy will limit what you can ever earn.  When we remember that our every thought and word are affirmations, and that affirmations create, what is your belief saying you can have?  If you have fixed that point at which someone becomes greedy, that is your limit.  It is your highest level of possibility for income.  If you are feeling that everyone else has all the money, that is your affirmation and you will not be able to rise above that level.  Does that make you want to re-evaluate how you think of greed?

Releasing your blockades.

Yes, I said that intentionally.  These are YOUR blockades.  You have set the limit of your life with these thoughts, and you can release them too.  In my book Think, Believe, Receive I discuss how we incorporate ideas into our lives that do not serve us, and judgement is just one of them.  Learn to release your self-adopted blockades.  Begin by reading Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life and kick out the stops!  Begin by clicking on the cover below.

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