It’s their lesson

One of the most difficult things we have to do, especially as parents, is watch someone we love learn a lesson.  We want those we love to have only positive  experiences as they go through life, so we want to meddle.  We want to ease their way, but sometimes the best thing we can do […]

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How do I stack-up?

One of the tendencies we have is to compare ourselves to others.  He has more hair, she is thinner, they are smarter than I am.  We cannot win at this game.  Neither can we win the comparison game the other way; I am more fit than he is, my car is nicer than theirs, at

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Purifying Fire

There are many species of trees and plants which drop seeds that cannot begin new growth without an intensive fire to open them and allow them to grow.  It is easy to look at forest fires and range fires as being needlessly destructive, until we recognize the positive effects of fire. The same is true

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Planting Seeds

Most of us want to change our lives in one way or another; some are huge changes, some are just “tweeking,” but very few of us have everything in our lives exactly the way we have visioned.  Too often we grow frustrated that said changes have not occurred, or not occurred so we can see

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Try and try again

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  How many times have you heard this sage advice during your lifetime?  There have been times when someone has said this to me and I have gotten sooooo frustrated.  “I have tried, and tried, and tried again and still its not working! Though my own

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Walking the Path

How often have you heard someone question if they are on the right path for their life?  This is such a huge question; how DO we know that what we have chosen to do is indeed the right path for us?  There are some clues; if you have to struggle to meet the day, you

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Through the window

As I sit here looking out through my window, enjoying the sights outside, it occurs to me that what I am doing is exactly what I do with my life; if I look out the window and see a thunder storm and torrential rains outside, I can see those bolts of lightening and rivers of

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I know that stuff

How many classes have you taken?  How many books have you read?  How many experiences have you had?  The more of these things you experience the more likely you might find yourself saying “I know that stuff.”  And you do know that stuff, at least you have experienced that stuff; but the question is are

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Nothing can come from nothing; everything must come from something, so when we say “that came out of nowhere” we are mistaken.  If we say “I had nothing to do with that experience coming into my life,” we are mistaken.  Everything must come from something, so what would that something be?  That something is our

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Messages of Love

Is there anything more wonderful in our lives than love?  Is there anything more difficult in our lives than love?  Love is one of the most difficult of emotions/experiences we humans have, for the simple reason that we tend to overthink the whole thing and miss the point. Love can be an experience; by this

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