I know that stuff

How many classes have you taken?  How many books have you read?  How many experiences have you had?  The more of these things you experience the more likely you might find yourself saying “I know that stuff.”  And you do know that stuff, at least you have experienced that stuff; but the question is are you applying it to your life right now? 

I was looking through my notes to find material for additional blogs when I came across pages and pages of notes I took over an incredible three month period earlier this year.  We are talking just a few weeks since some of these inspirations were written down yet as I read through them I discovered absolute gold.  Deep understandings I had gotten; new lines of thought, even notes for my next book and even though it had only been weeks since I wrote those notes I had forgotten what power there was in them.  Yes, I knew that stuff, but through the process of living each day I lost track of the import of what I had experienced.  I can only imagine how much other inspiration I have misplaced in my mental files!

Here is my point; when it feels like there is nothing new in your life perhaps the best place to look for inspiration is not in the future, but in the wealth of knowledge you have gained along the way.  Yes, you do know all that stuff so why try to re-create the wheel when you have a perfectly good set of tires on your car right now?  Open your mind to what seems new and you might find it is not new at all, simply a re-hash of what you have already learned!  From that place you can make a contribution to what is to come rather than fearing change.

The Involved Observer