Healing the Healer

For almost three years I have been sharing my thoughts about IN-Powerment based largely upon my first two books; Think, Believe, Receive and It’s All About me.  A fair question you might ask is “why should I bother to heal myself when so many others with whom I associate are messed up?”

The greatest reason of all to work on ourselves, even when faced with a tidal wave of ignorance is that as you find your own power, when you find how to go through the day unaffected by other people and their antics, you become the healer to more than your own experience.  Your growth spreads out to others in ways you might never recognize.  When you make the commitment to refrain from gossip and it’s destructive effects, your commitment shows others they do not have to be sucked into gossip.  When you can drive your car through heavy traffic and still offer a smile to the driver next to you, the power of that action can reduce the frantic energy of the traffic jam.

I have often written of the ripple effect of IN-Powerment in these blogs, as well as the power you as an individual have to shape the course of life for yourself.  I would like you to take a moment and remember we teach best not by lecturing (or blogging) but through the power of our individual actions.  All we have to do to see this effect in action is to watch our youngsters as they play with each other.  they are copying your actions, your re-actions, even your attitude.  If you respect others, they will respect others.  This is true even with your co-workers, friends and random strangers.  

In healing yourself of energy draining actions and re-actions, you lead by example and IN-Power others to take your courageous step themselves.

Think Believe Receive                                         The Involved Observer