My hair! My hair!

Outside right now we are getting some light showers, and for some this will be greeted with the plaintive cry of “my hair, my hair!” because showers and styled hair are a poor mixture.  For some there will be curses under the breath because of the rains effect on their clothing, or dismay because the car has just been waxed.  Many of us are so focused on the superficial effects of nature we fail to embrace the life-giving effects of rain which is essential to our survival on this planet.

When we expand this metaphor to the rain which falls in our lives; the loss of our job, a shortage in our bank account, we see that this type of rain too has a wider application in our lives.  These and other life-changing experiences bring to us the opportunity to expand our view of our lives.  When we are invited to change jobs we are also invited to expand what we think is possible, to meet new people, to see life through entirely new eyes, and this too is essential to our survival on this planet.

Those times we experience shortages in our bank accounts helps us refine our view of what is important to us, and what is simply nice to have.  This invites us to be so much more conscious of how we live our lives. Living consciously too is essential to our survival on this planet.

Every challenge which comes into our lives; be it financial, or personal is an invitation.  They are invitations to refine what we are doing, how we are thinking and what we are capable of accomplishing.  This is why I have so often written about our challenges and those who challenge us are really our greatest teachers.

When next the rains fall upon your own head, take it as in invitation to improve your life. (oh, and don’t forget an umbrella!)

The Involved Observer