I was wrong

One of the really wonderful things about finding more candles on my birthday cake is that every day I learn something, that is I learn something if I listen.  The flip side of this continual learning is sometimes I discover that along the way I have told someone something I believed to be true, then my learning tells me what I said might not have been totally factual.  At the time I imparted my wisdom it was, to me, factual, but today because I am listening I discover there is more to the fact, or the fact I shared was not actually a fact.

Now my ego gets involved so I find it difficult to admit I was, in fact, wrong.  At this point I have two choices; first to doggedly stick by what I shared previously, even though I now know it to be incorrect (and this leads to all kinds of complications) or I embrace another truth I have learned along the way; being wrong is not the end of the world.  

Rarely is the penalty for being wrong a death penalty, however the penalty for being thought of as ignorant can seem like a death penalty. If it is indeed our nature to continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to gain new understandings, then why should it be we are penalized for that growth?  Do you really want to be around someone who has not learned anything over the years and is stuck at age 18?

Should you find yourself in the uncomfortable position of being found inaccuracy about something you have said, chalk it up to being smarter today than yesterday.  If someone you respect has told you something you have learned is not fully accurate today, remember, you too will learn new things as time goes by, so give them the benefit of doubt.Think Believe Receive