You know what I mean by romance; life is perfect, all things are possible, the sky is bluer, you are happy, you put your best foot forward all the time.  Ah, romance; what a wonderful place to live.  But romance does not have to be directed at someone else to be wonderful.

What if one morning you decided to romance your own life?  What would that look like?  You could romance your income!  If you were romancing another person you would not look for lack in them would you?  No, you would look for the attributes you like about them, so, romance your income!  Rather than complaining about how small it is, recognize how great it is in your life.

You could romance your health; find wonderful things about your health and sing those praises.

You could romance your happiness too.  As you romance your happiness you will find there is more to romance!

How about romancing what you want to be!  Think about what you want, find things about what you want that bring you joy rather than things which remind you of what you are not.  Give the attention to what you want that you would give to a very special other person.

Romance means standing in the presence of love.  When you stand in the presence of love you stand in your power, and when you stand in your power the world will take notice of you.  When the world takes notice of you, your romance with the world, who you are, who you can be, what you can have, what you can experience will blossom and grow.

Maybe what you really need is a new romance; a romance with your own life.

Think Believe Receive                                                     The Involved Observer