You are more!

Am I my job?  Am I my car?  Am I my house? Am I my income?  In every case the answer is a resounding NO!  You are more than our house, your car, your job or your income, yet sometimes we find ourselves identifying more with our stuff than who we are inside.

Years ago I lost my job and my married status in a two week period.  Because I had been so focused on my job being who I was, and my marriage as being my identity it actually took over a decade to return to what I now view as a balanced state of life.  In the meantime I found myself involved in all manner of less than life-affirming adventures and relationships.  It was a very difficult period and honestly I cannot even begin to give any advice to anyone going through this loss of identity except; take it one day at a time until you find a new identity.

While I can not offer a perfect solution to anyone going through this loss of identity I can offer words of caution to those who have been fortunate enough to avoid this pitfall; take time to really look at who and what you are as a whole.  If you lose your job who will you be?  You will be the same you, except a you who is looking for a job.  If your car is gone for some reason you will still be you, shopping for a car.

Getting all caught up in our stuff is a real pitfall; one we are constantly encouraged to experience through advertising and media, but let’s not blame outside influences for our experiences.  In the end it is we who choose what to believe and what not to believe.  Believe in YOU, not your stuff.

The Involved Observer