Nothing can come from nothing; everything must come from something, so when we say “that came out of nowhere” we are mistaken.  If we say “I had nothing to do with that experience coming into my life,” we are mistaken.  Everything must come from something, so what would that something be?  That something is our thoughts.  

Many times in these blogs I have made the point that our thoughts are things; our thoughts have the power to manifest into actual things actual experiences. It is very easy to take credit for experiences when things seem to be working well.  We find it much more difficult to accept that we had anything to do with experiences which make us uncomfortable.  As the wise person said, “success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.” 

Our first mistake with this saying is the idea of failure.  We might not have had the experience or outcome we anticipated, but failure? no way.  Each attempt teaches us something; each opportunity to re-direct our efforts is a fresh page.  Success (whatever that means to you) must come from something because success is a thing therefore it cannot come from nothing.  What success comes from is some type of effort.  That effort will be as strenuous as we choose to make it; or as easy as we allow; that too is part of our thought process.  For some, the idea of achieving a goal also comes with the idea that we must first suffer.  What comes from suffering is more suffering.  For some, success means we accomplish our goal with a minimum of effort.  This is again a matter of how your think, what you believe, and what you are willing to receive.  Sounds like a great title for a book doesn’t it!  

Nothing can come from nothing, but something can come from reading my book Think, Believe, Receive three steps to an amazing life.

Think Believe Receive

Happy Birthday Terrie!