Be a carrier

Have you ever wanted to really mess with peoples minds?  Here is a fun way to do just that; with every person you cross paths with today, be it walking down the street, or in the supermarket or in the hall at work, and especially if you happen to find yourself on an elevator, look them right in the eyes and smile.  Not one of those wimpy, half hearted smiles, no, I am talking a smile right from your heart.  You will blow lots of minds!  Another thing you will do is to break a cycle of withdrawal some people get into.  And a third thing you will do is begin a chain of smiles.  Yes, you will become a carrier!

there are lots of ways to mess with people, most of which are less than life affirming, but if you are going to mess with someone else, why not do so with a gift which can be carried and passed along hours after your encounter.

We all know that yawning is contagious; one person in a room pretty soon everyone is yawning, but even more powerful is joy.  One cannot smile when they are feeling down, and yet you can be a more powerful cure for the blues than any over-the-counter or prescription medication simply by flexing a few muscles on your face.  Once the recipient of your gift of a smile responds with their own smile you have set up a chain which will lift up that person, and the next person with whom they interact.  This becomes like the proverbial pebble in a pond; the smile touching corners of the earth you will never tread.

Go ahead, be a carrier, mess with peoples heads; make your smile a world wide contagion.  Think Believe Receive