Well, how did you do?  Did you fret your taxes for months, wait until the last minute to file, and now are you beginning a new cycle of fret in case you are audited by the IRS?

If you, like I, did indeed do some fretting about filing your taxes, this is a great time to ask yourself “what did I get from that fret?”  What you most likely got was tension, short temper, anxiety of many descriptions, and in the end, what good did that do you?  Before you could complete the process of filing you first had to let go of that fret, then release the anxiety, and put yourself in a place where a short temper would not interfere with your work.

This same process takes place every day of our lives.  We spend so much time in worry about what might be, what could be, even what should have been.  And not one moment of that time helps us in any way.  Worry and fret are a natural part of our lives, of course, the question is; do we let that worry and fretting control our lives, ruin our relationships and make us ill?  Worry and fretting are a huge aspect of stress, which we all know can lead to ulcers, mood disorders, and early death.  So once again it is up to you….. when you feel fretting building in your emotions will you let it take over, or will you look worry in the eye and say “hey bud, back to your dark hole?”

Stress relief is a multi billion dollar industry in the United States, but you can begin for far less if you get a copy of It’s All About Me by yours truly.  In this book we discuss stress and stressors on our lives and how to over come the temptation to succumb to fretting.  

The Involved Observer