Planting Seeds

Most of us want to change our lives in one way or another; some are huge changes, some are just “tweeking,” but very few of us have everything in our lives exactly the way we have visioned.  Too often we grow frustrated that said changes have not occurred, or not occurred so we can see them.  Why would this be so?  Because we have not planted the seeds which would grow into what we would like to have.

Although this time of year might seem the fallow season what with all there is to be done; Christmas and all the other celebrations which fill our time,  the truth is this is the best time to plant the seeds for what you want to experience in the next year.  Change cannot happen unless we first plant those seeds.  

All around us is a wonderful, loving energy which wants to support us in our dreams; not only wants to support us, but is waiting anxiously to do for us what we have visioned.  Not only will this energy support us, it will take our plans and dreams and raise them to the next level, and beyond!  Is this so hard to imagine?

You are using this power right now.  You have created the life and experiences you have dreamed, so if what you are experiencing is not what you thought it would be, plant different seeds.  If what you have in your life is thrilling beyond anything you have imagined, plant some more seeds which will grow into even more thrills.  Your garden, the garden of possibility, is unlimited in its capacity to grow and support you no matter what you have experienced in the past.

Did you know you had such a green thumb?  Thanks to Reverend Martha Quintana of the Rio Granda CSL for reminding me to get out my gardening clothes!

The Involved Observer