Surround Yourself

What do you surround yourself with?  Do you surround yourself with possibility, joy, oneness, or something else?  Do you surround yourself with those who support your vision for your life, your dreams and hopes?  When we do surround ourselves with those who support us as we make our way through life we are one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Every moment we do not walk toward our dreams we destroy a little part of our soul.  On the other hand, each moment we do walk toward our dreams, toward our highest possible expression, we retrieve some of that loss, we actually replenish what has been lost.

For myself, when I do not live up to the goals I have set for myself each day, I feel rotten.  The more days I do not hold myself to what I view as my highest possibility  the less I like myself.  When I don’t feel good about myself, nothing in my life seems right.  When I find myself in this downward spiral I know just what to do; I find people who will support me in getting back on track.  Once I find myself heading back in the direction of my dreams I feel great again.  Sometimes all it takes to get back on track is an encouraging word from someone else to kick start my happiness.

Now, here is the challenge; if you recognize yourself in what you have just read, can you remember to be the person who is there with an encouraging word for someone else?  Can you live up to being your own highest and best and at the same time surround others with the same support?  One moment is all it takes to be the kind of person you would like to surround yourself with.

Think Believe Receive